What Can You Do With an A-Frame?

A-Frame signs, also known as sandwich board signs or sidewalk signs are one of the most versatile and recognizable forms of signage and can be set up practically anywhere.

Indoor, outdoor. Pavement or dirt. Personal or business. The A-frame can be used in any circumstance to advertise any sort of event. For added versatility, you can even get a frame with replaceable signage, so you can keep using the same frame for multiple different events.

But enough of us just telling you the A-Frame is versatile. Here are some things you can actually do with it.

Advertising a Sale or Promotion

Because A-frame signs are set up on the ground, they tend to be difficult to ignore as people are walking by. Because of that, they’re a great choice for advertising important events you don’t want people to miss.

You can set the signs up either at the location of the promotion itself or in a nearby location. If you set it up away from your location, you can use the signage to provide some simple, easy-to-follow directions. This is a great option if you’re in a location that’s potentially difficult to find, but make sure not to make the direction too complicated.

You have lots of room to work with on an A-frame, so make sure you provide all the details people need to know about your promotion before you set it out there.

Sidewalk Signs/Chalkboard Signs

You don’t have to be promoting anything special to have a sign outside. A-Frames along a busy sidewalk are a common sight, even if all you’re advertising is that you exist.

It doesn’t have to just be a business, either. Churches and social gatherings can also make use of an A-frame pointing people into the venue. A small bit of free-standing advertising in a heavy-traffic area can be a very powerful thing.

And since A-frame signs are durable and weather-resistant, you can set them up outside in almost any condition and trust they’ll resist damage from both the elements and passersby. And of course, if you’re concerned about them tipping over, they can be filled with sand or water for an added bit of stability.

Special Events

If you have a bunch of guests coming for some sort of event, there’s a good chance most of them are going to show up at the front door of your venue with the same question: “Ok, now what? Where do I go?”

Of course, if you have enough staff for the event, you’ll have someone there ready to direct people to where they need to be. But even if you do, just a sign showing guests that they’re at the right place is invaluable to keeping things running smoothly.

This has any number of applications: directing people to the sign-in desk at a conference or trade show, showing people where to take gifts for a wedding reception, or even just directing people to the parking.


If you’re building or renovating something, you need to let people know about it. Whether it’s a simple “pardon our dust” sign for the building’s normal patrons or a warning sign for passersby near a major construction zone, people need to know what’s going on.

A lot of construction signs will list the estimated completion date for the project, and the A-frame build is perfect for construction situations since it sets up anywhere and doesn’t need to be mounted to anything permanently. That’s fairly important in a business where things are being built up and knocked down on a daily basis.