How to Install and Maintain Car Graphics

If you have not as yet considered car graphics for the purposes of growing your business, then you are missing out on an excellent opportunity for inexpensive marketing and advertising. Car graphics can be a compelling resource to help build your brand and increase your business profits.

Aside from car graphics being so affordable they are easy to install and maintain. The type of car graphics that you choose will dictate how they are to be installed and how they are to be maintained.

Car decals are printed on different types of materials such as vinyl or polyester films. Some are constructed to be opaque while others are transparent. There are also various types of adhesives that are required.

Installing car graphics is easy, but you want the right air temperature for the best results. Ideally, you want the temperature to be around 70 degrees. You will not get the best results if it is too cold or too hot when you are applying car graphics like car decals.

Clear Car Decals

Car decal on window

If you are looking for the type of decal that is going to be kept in place for an extended period on your car, then you may want to consider the clear car decals. These are ideal for use on your car’s windows as they will not obstruct your vision. You can check our clear car decals here

Step One

It is important that you begin with a clean surface. Being as you are going to be placing these on the glass of your car, you may be tempted to use a standard glass cleaner for the cleaning. Don’t use these because they may contain chemicals that will affect the way that the car decals adhere to the glass. Instead use plain soap and water, making sure that you rinse thoroughly. You can also use rubbing alcohol followed with a clean rinse.  Before proceeding to the next step make sure the glass has completely dried.

Step Two

You want to be sure that there are no bubbles present on the car decal. Just take a ruler or credit card and gently drag this across the clear transfer surface. This will ensure that the decal is sticking correctly to the transfer tape and that there are no air bubbles present.

Step Three

If you have done step two properly, the decal should easily peel off the backing tape. Grab one corner of the backing tape and gently peel it away from the sticker. If the sticker is not efficiently removing itself from the backing, then re-attach the backing that you have been able to remove and go to step two once again.

Step Four

Once you have removed the car decals backing position the decal onto the surface where you want it to be. Gently work out air that is trapped in the center of the decal out to the edges. You can use a small ruler or credit card for this. Work gently so as not to tear the decal.

Step Five

Now be patient and allow the decal to dry and firmly attach by waiting 24 hours.

Step Six

You are now ready to remove the transfer paper. Do this by gently peeling it off at an angle. If you notice that the decal is beginning to lift while you are removing the transfer paper, then repeat step four.

If you happen to see any small air bubbles, you do not have to peel back the sticker to get rid of them. You simply can pierce them with a thin needle or pin and gently push the air out through the holes.

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are really easy to install and remove as you wish. They simply will cling to any metallic surface like your car.

When installing it is important to ensure that both the metallic surface is clean as well as the backing of the magnetic sign. To clean the magnetic surface follow the same instructions that are used for decals. To clean the magnetic backing use a soft lint-free cloth. It is important that no dirt or debris gets caught between the surface and the backing as this can cause damage to the finish of the surface. Check here for Magnetic signs

Maintaining Your Car Graphics

Car graphics are items that can be used on cars either to enhance their appearance or to be used for marketing and advertising. These can include wraps, decals, lettering and magnetic signs. No matter which of these are used they all needs to be adequately maintained.

Car graphics are exposed to all different types of weather conditions. They will get dirty as a result of this. You can clean them with a gentle soap and water but avoid scrubbing with harsh abrasives.  If you are going to use a car wash, then try to use those that are touchless. If you use the brush type, these may be too harsh for the car graphics. They can eventually tear them, or cause them to peel. If you wash your car with a pressure washer then only use the gentle pressure feature in the areas where the car graphics are.

Occasionally you may want to remove your magnetic signage and clean both the surface and the backing of the magnetic sign as instructed for the first installation.

Insisting on Quality

While most car graphics are easy to install yourself it is important to follow the simple instructions. They also require proper maintenance. Something else to keep in mind is that you want to invest in quality car graphics. If they are not made of good quality materials then no matter how well you take care of them they will not last very long.  Good quality materials include the vinyl or polyester that the decals are made of and a good quality adhesive that has been properly applied to the decals so that peeling and bubbling don't occur. With the magnetic signs by investing in good quality, the colors are going to remain vibrant, and the total sign will be weather resistant.