About Wooden Signs

Perfect for creating brand identity, Wooden Signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. Not only you can use Wooden Signs for commercial purposes, but you can also get cozy and rustic decorations for your home or office.

We use Plywood, which is a durable material, due to the multiple bonded thin layers of wood piles.

Wooden Signs can vary in shapes and sizes. You can get beautiful 3D Wooden Letters to showcase the name of your brand.

Often you can find Wooden Name Plates on office doors. While Wooden Hanging Signs are usually used in pubs and cafes for creating unique decorations.

Wooden Plaques can be perfect for displaying the logo of your brand with colorful printings.

For printing, we use high-quality UV inks, which are dried during the printing process. The inks are sun resistant, thus the long lifespan of the prints are guaranteed.

There are several ways of Wooden Sign installation. One of the options is directly mounting the Wooden Plaque onto the wall. Another one is hanging it with chains or zip ties. An alternative type of Wooden Sign installation is by using standoffs.

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SpecificationsQ & A

Thickness: 0.5″

Min. size: 6″x6″

Max size: 96″x48″

Lifespan: Outdoors 1+ with a special coating, Indoors 7+

Features: can be Wall-mounted, or have a self-supportive or hanging system

Printing: Direct printing with UV inks

What is a Wooden Sign?

The wooden sign is a vintage style interior sign used both for branding and decorations. The Wooden signs serve also as an exterior personalized sign or address plaque. Wooden standoff signs best suit office premises.

The wooden sign is ecologically friendly, and the beautifully grained material serves for many years without refinishing.

Where can I use Wooden Signs?

Wood is a natural material, eco-friendly, which enables us to create Wooden commercial and decorative signs. Wooden Established Signs, office Desk plaques, Address numbers, 3D letters, big wooden artworks, or house signs serve for a lifetime.
Wooden signs are also ideal for anniversary, wedding gifts, and if you are a pet lover – Personalize Wooden signs to pet signs, dog bone signs or horse stall signs, etc.

Can I get a photo printed on wood?

Yes, Absolutely! You can upload your custom Photo graphics for home and office decorations and branding.
We use UV inks to digitally print in full color your desired Artwork on a wood.

What can I order as a wooden sign?

Wooden signs were and are still very trendy gifts and decorations for any occasion.
For its classy and elegant look it makes the perfect gift for anniversaries -home plaques, Sweet quote plaques, Established signs, etc.
Wooden signs are also seen as part of decorations for birthdays, weddings, promotional events and what not!
You say Wooden Signs, we say rustic, classy, elegant, farmhouse and luxurious looking signage solutions.

How to maintain Wooden Signs?

Wooden Signs have charming rustic appearance. If you want your custom Wooden Sign stand tall to the test of time, you need to weatherproof them.
For the interior Wooden Signs we recommend to wipe off the dust and keep away from humidity and dew. Wood breathes, so keep away from sudden temperature changes.

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Top Templates For Wooden Signs

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