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About Vinyl Lettering

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, vinyl lettering sticks to any smooth non-porous surface and can be installed and removed with ease. The type of material used in the construction of this type of decal is resistant to the elements. Add personalization to any storefront, home or automotive decor and many others. Cleaning of vinyl lettering on a regular basis will ensure that your decals last a long time. Avoid using strong cleaners or scrubbing with too much force.

SpecificationsInstallation & Care

Details: 2-mil (0.002") cast film

Suggested Uses: Intended for use in both indoor/outdoors settings. Great for storefronts, walls cars, and other locations

Printing Method: Cut from colored vinyl. Not printed

Approximate Lifespan: 8+ years (length of time varies based on climate and use)

Commonly Ordered Sizes: Custom

Prior to installation, clean the surface and allow adequate drying time. Mark the surface with a washable marker to show where you would like to install your vinyl lettering. Use masking tape to attach the pre-masked graphic to the wall. Remove the backing from the top to the bottom with the transfer tape that has been provided.
Use a squeegee or flat-edged surface to apply the letters to the surface while continuing to remove the backing. The transfer tape can be removed once all letters have been fully applied. Clean your vinyl lettering regularly with a damp cloth. Avoid strong cleaners or scrub with too much force, as this may cause the decals to peel away or tear.

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