Business and Decorative Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners are very well known in the fields of both outdoor and indoor advertising. You can use Vinyl Banners not only for commercial purposes but for decorative as well.

These Banners can often be used for storefront advertising, to let passersby know about the new seasonal collection or special discounts.
Banners can be used at concerts, festivals, schools, universities and in many other places for displaying any type of information.

Big Vinyl Banners can often be noticed on bridges or buildings – announcing movie premiers or other big events. As for decorative Banners, they can be used at weddings, birthday parties and for many other events.

We use excellent UV inks for printing on the Vinyl Banners. The printer dries the inks with ultraviolet rays straight after the process of Printing. This procedure makes the ink sun-resistant and provides a longer lifespan to the Banner.

Vinyl Banners are very durable types of advertising that can withstand all types of weather conditions.

For the installation of Vinyl Banners, we can make pole pockets or add grommets on them. To add more strength to the Banner we can hem its edges.
There are various hanging accessories that you can choose from, such as Zip ties, Bungee cords, Nylon ropes, Hanging clips and Poles.

Another way to install the Banners is with the help of stands, such as Roll-up stands, X-stands, Pop up displays and Telescopic stands.

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SpecificationsInstallation & Usage

Weight:  0.09 lbs per square foot

Thicknesses: 0.0156″

Details: 13 oz vinyl banner, UV and water resistant ink, hemmed edges, grommets, optional pole pockets

Suggested Uses: Can be used both outdoor/indoor. Great for business and sale promotions, conventions, trade shows, fairs, events, and much more

Printing Method: High resolution, digitally printed using UV ink

Approximate Lifespan: 3+ years with proper installation, maintenance, and storage

Commonly Ordered Sizes: 24″x48″, 36″x 60″, 36″x 72″, 36″x 96″, or any custom size

Options: Pole Pockets, Grommets, Hem, Accessories

What is a Vinyl banner?

Vinyl banner is a weather and tear resistant type of a material with 13oz weight and … thickness. It’s ideal for long-term outdoor applications. The Graphics care usually detailed and complex, printed with a high resolution and in full color.

Where to use Vinyl banners?

vinyl banners are highly popular exterior signs most often used for outdoor advertising campaigns, event and new product line, service promotions. The Vinyl banners are also used at trade shows, expos, schools and other venues, can inform about the upcoming concert, tell a promotional story or direct foot traffic to your venue.

What are the advantages of the Vinyl Banner?

Are weatherproof, tear and fade resistant
outdoor and indoor usage
printed in vivid colors with best quality UV inks
depict complex Graphics with a lot of details.

How to maintain Vinyl banners?

Here at Square Signs, we recommend rolling the banners for storage to prevent the banner from wrinkles and curls.
The proper care of the Graphics is also important. Just wipe off the dust from the graphics to keep the Vividness of the print.
if there is a stain or a dirt on your banner, we recommend cleaning it with a damp piece of cloth.
Note: Let the banner to dry completely after the procedure before storage.

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