Custom PVC Signs

PVC plastic sign is a smudge-resistant material with a neat, attention-grabbing look.

PVC signs are a great solution for short-term outdoor usage and long-term indoor usage. The material is also fingerprint-resistant.
Most of the time, these portable signs are used as Office name plaques, decorative artwork, directional signs, real estate or yard signs. They are also often used at trade shows and expos, promotional events, etc.

PVC foam panel has a smooth, glare-free surface, which allows us to digitally print. If you choose to go with a double-sided PVC sign – because it has the same, printable surface on both sides, it will be easy to provide high-quality prints on each side to double up the effect you’re after.

We offer PVC signs with one or double sided prints with a matte finish.
Additionally, PVC signs can be cut in any size & shape. The PVC signs can be easily fastened to the walls with standard, pin or standoff mounting systems.
Choose from the wide range of free PVC sign templates or use our free design tool to create truly unique and top-quality artwork best suited to your likes and needs.

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SpecificationsInstallation & Care

Thickness: 1/8″

Weight: 0.353lbs for 12’’X12’’ sheet

Min. Sign size: 4”x4’

Max. sign size: 48”x96”

Common Sizes: 12”x18”, 18″x36″, 24”x36’, can be Customized

Installation: Command strips, sucking cup, zip ties

Printing: Digital, high resolution – full color Printing with UV inks, double-sided printing

Finishes: Matte

Features: Fingerprint and smudge resistant

Usage: Outdoors 3+, indoors 10+

Where can PVC Signs Be Installed?

You can affix your Custom PVC signs on any rigid surface. There are plenty of accessories for the hassle-free installation. Usually, the PVC Sign is mounted with screws and other fasteners onto the building, fence, etc. We can custom pre-drill the signs upon your request.

For flat surfaces like wall or door, you can adhere with double-sided tape.
As for hanging accessories, you can use a pole and brackets. It can be more cost efficient than sign frames.

Hanging Clips can be used for a drop ceiling signs. For glass-like materials, we suggest using sucking cups. Make sure to place in a secure spot for people not to bump and cause damage to the sign and themselves.

Note: Avoid installing the Custom sign under a direct sunlight for it not to warp and deform or discolor.

How to maintain PVC Signs?

Wiping off the dust will preserve the Aluminum Signs Graphics vivid and attractive look.

Note: Avoid using abrasive cloths or a metal sponge for possible damage.


What is the best way to clean PVC Signs?

Generally, PVC signs are easy to take care of. Washing with a liquid soap and water is sufficient enough.

Why Choose Square Signs?

You are our highest priority! For our customers, we have designed a user-friendly interface with an easy to use the designing tool. Choose from our wide range of templates at your disposal. With highest-quality assurance, we offer next day shipping services. Credit card safety guaranteed while making an online order from Square Signs! Happy Purchasing!

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