About Custom Gatorboard Signs

Gatorboard also known as gatorfoam is a polystyrene board covered with paper veneers. It is a lightweight material that is ideal for indoor usages. Gatorboard serves material for interior decors and signs: storefront signs, wall signs both in the form of letters and boards, wall photo prints and what not. Due to its light weight gatorboard is easily mounted and hung.
Though gatorboard carries the name of a water loving animal, it doesn’t love water itself so keep your sign away from damp areas.
Gator board has some similarities with Foamboard but gatorboard is more durable because of its inner material.

At Square Signs, gatorboard comes in 0.188″ thickness and in two colors – white and black. This means that the areas on Gatorboard that are not printed will have the color of the empty sheet.

Use this lightweight material for indoor storefront signs, make decors from it, depict your company name and logo on Gatorboard having them printed on it. Gatorboard printing is very popular because this material is lightweight and provides ideal finish for prints. Add to this the possibility of printing on both sides of this board and you will have a perfect material for your applications. While it is highly recommended to use gatorfoam indoors, feel free to use this material for exterior usages as well in case of good weather conditions and short terms as its finishes are perfect, aren’t they?

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SpecificationsInstallation & Care

Thickness: 0.188″

Weight: 0.25lbs/sqft

Colors: White

Min. Sign size: 6”x6”

Max. sign size: 48”x96”

Common Sizes: 12″x18″, 18″x36″, 24″x48″, 48″x96″ Can be Customized

Installation: Drilled holes, Command Strips

Printing: Single and Double-sided, Digital, high resolution – full-color Printing with UV inks

Usage:  indoors 10+ years, outdoors: not recommended. Short-term, only in good weather conditions

What is gatorboard?

Gatorboard is a polystyrene board covered with poly-coated paper and styrene surfaces. It is lightweight, provides wonderful finishes and thus is highly used for indoor decors and signage. Gatorboard is a perfect material for interior decors and signs, storefront signs, company names and logos, wall photo prints. Due to its light weight this material is easily hung and mounted.

Where can I use gatorboard?

Gatorboard is a lightweight material perfect for interior usages. It makes wonderful
Company logo signs
Company names signs
Storefront signs
Indoor decorations
Notice boards
Exit signs
Photo prints
Lobby signs
… etcetera
In a few words you can use gatorboard for any interior usages making sure that the signs will look wonderful and serve you for years to go.

Can Gatorboard be used outdoors?

Not recommended.
Though being a durable material for interior usages, ultraviolet rays of the sun may harm gatorboard when used outdoors causing yellowing, etc. If used short term, gator board can be applied for exterior usages; but for longer applications we can suggest you materials that look like gatorboard but are recommended for outdoor usages – PVC and Styrene (link to PVC and styrene signs).

Is direct digital printing-recommended over Gatorboard?

Yes, digital printing in the very method we use for printing our gatorboard signs. It is the methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to different materials. We print with high-quality UV inks that works perfect for digital printing. This may be the secret of our high quality, durable and long֊lived gatorboard signs.

What inks do you use for gatorboard printing?

We print with high-quality UV inks that are weather and fade resistant. They provide perfect color consistency and protection of the material. With these inks we can get the exact colors of your design. UV inks on gator board provide perfect finishes for your sign that look quite professional and superior.

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