About Clear Window Decals

Clear Window Decals are a perfect option for window branding, be it a storefront window or an office window. You can use Clear Decals for advertising as well as for decorative purposes.
Clear Window Decals easily attract attention whether used indoors or outdoors. Unlike Opaque Decals, Clear decals do not block the view behind the windows.

Window decals are great for store promotions, sale announcements, working hours, wi-fi, company services, quotes, traffic warnings on car windows, Decorative images for houses, company name and logo and what not.

You can use your own graphics or you can use our Free Design Tool to create custom graphics to be printed on the Decals.
We use quality UV inks for printing on Clear Vinyl Decals. The inks are sun resistant, which is achieved by drying the inks with Led curing system simultaneous to the printing process.

These Decals require a simple installation. You need to clean the window to get rid of dust particles and then take the back paper off the Decal. After you need a soapy water to spray both on the adhesive part of the Decal and on the surface where it will be applied. Read the installation section to perfectly position and stick your window graphics.

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SpecificationsInstallationQ & A

Thickness: 3mil

Weight: 0.065/sqft

Material: Clear Vinyl

Min. size: 6″x6″

Max. size: 77″”x1740″

Common Sizes: 12″x24″, 24″x48″, 48″x96″, can be customized

Printing options: Inside glass, mirror

Printing: Digital, high resolution, full-color printing with UV inks

Cutting options: Standard, overline, outline

Lifespan: 3+ years

Step 1
Prepare the window for the Decal installation. Clean the window with a window cleaner and a soft cloth. For installation, you need a dust-free surface.

Step 2
Dry the glass surface. For best application the surface must be free of water and dust, which can reduce the adhesiveness of the Decal.

Step 3
Remove the back tape of the window Decal gradually. First take some part away from the top corner.
Hold the Decal firmly as the backing tape is thicker. You may need somebody’s help to hold the Decal for you and you pull the tape off.

Step 4
Adhere the tape-free part of the Decal onto the window. Fix it to the window with the squeegee or a business, bank or a hotel card. Gently move the squeegee from the center to the corner (right, left or top, doesn’t matter) to prevent causing bubbles under the decal.

Step 5
Squeegee away the bubbles simultaneously with the removal of the backing paper from the Decal.

Step 6
When done, move the squeegee from the center to the corners for ensuring perfect Decal installation.

What are Clear Window Decals?

Clear window decals are transparent stickers applied for personal or commercial usages. They are made of highly adhesive transparent vinyl. Clear vinyl provides double-sided visibility thus not decreasing the visibility of your product Window decals are printed with UV inks that provide exceptional color consistency and protection of the material. It’s an ideal material for your window branding and advertising!

Where to use Clear Window Decals?

You can apply Window decals to office glass doors, windows, car windows, house windows, store, beauty salon glass doors and windows, in a nutshell, everywhere glassy. Clear stickers are also used to vinyl letter the storefront with lots of details or small fonts. Offices and different establishments use Clear decals as a window decorative graphics, prohibition sign, depict no smoking area, announce BIG sales, black Fridays or opening hours and services.  
Clear decals, as their name implies, provide clarity and visibility from either side. They are easily removable, highly-visible and cost-effective. They are worth a try!

Will my window decal damage or ruin my window/surface where it is applied?

Absolutely no. Our Clear Window Decals are highly adhesive but this doesn’t prevent them from being easily removable. Window decals are removed easily without leaving much residue behind them.

Can I remove and reapply my clear window decals?

Our clear window decals are highly adhesive but will lose their adhesiveness once removed. If you need something like decals for often removing and applying, Static cling (link) is the best option for you.

What is the lifespan of the clear window decals?

Clear decals can serve you more than 3 years both outdoor and indoor with proper installation and care. They are a cost-effective and long lasting way of advertising or announcements, so be sure to use window decals for your needs without caring about the durability.

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