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Yard Signs

Yard signs are great for outdoor advertising and decoration. They’re easy to customize and can be installed in seconds.

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Installation of Yard Signs

In case of an H or spider stake, check the firmness of your yard’s soil. Do not use a hammer or other instrument for the mounting as the poles should easily press into soft dirt.

Installation with H-stakes 

H-stakes work well in windy conditions as they stay firmly rooted in the ground. The corrugated plastic is lightweight but durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions.

Step 1: Mark a small spot on the ground to position the sign properly.

Step 2: Pull the two wires through the corrugated flutes.

Step 3: Push the bottom of the pole into the ground.

Step 4: Your yard sign should be straight and sturdy for display.


Installation with spider stakes

Check for soil consistency that’s firm but not too hard or brittle to ensure a sturdy anchor.

Step 1: Choose a level ground area for the stake installation.

Step 2: Slide the sign onto the stake with the graphics over the top.

Step 3: Push the base of the spider stake into the ground.


Installation with zip ties:

We recommend getting your sign with pre-spaced grommets by selecting them from our accessories option in the design menu.

Step 1: Make sure your target area is level.

Step 2: Pass the zip ties through the grommet holes on the sign.

Step 3: Attach the sign to the display location.

Step 4: Tighten the zip ties and cut off extra ends for a neat finish.

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