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Tension fabric standsTension fabric stands
Promotional tension fabric standsPromotional tension fabric stands
Custom tension fabric banner standCustom tension fabric banner stand
Tension fabric stands
Tension fabric standsTension fabric stands

Tension Fabric Stands

Tension fabric stands are a great solution for indoor use. They’re modern, durable and easy to assemble.

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Tension Fabric Stands

Modern tension fabric stands can transform any space with gorgeous graphics. The product consists of a 8.8 oz polyester face and durable aluminum frame. Its novelty design is ideal for advertising your brand message on a large scale. The face material of our tension fabric stands are scratch-proof and printed with a dye sublimation technique.

Our fabric banner stands showcase stylish visuals that slide over an interlocking tubular structure and zip up at the bottom. This product is showcased in a similar fashion to fabric banners and retractable banners. Tension fabric stands are fantastic for trade shows, shopping malls, schools, offices and beyond. 

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The price list below corresponds to products 38"x91" in size. We can ship your products all over the USA and Canada.

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2 pcs

5% OFF

$241.30 $254

$482.60 $508

7 pcs

7% OFF

$236.22 $254

$1,653.54 $1,778

20 pcs

15% OFF

$215.90 $254

$4,318 $5,080

50 pcs

17% OFF

$210.82 $254

$10,541 $12,700


Material and Printing of Fabric Banner Stands

Use our tension banner stands, just like our pop up displays, to create large graphics for promotions. This product is made of 8.8 oz. polyester fabric that’s scratch-proof and machine-washable.

We use an advanced dye sublimation process to print visuals for the tension fabric stands. Inks are injected into the fabric material, creating an elegant and enduring design that can be washed and reused. Square Signs offers high-res printing on one or both sides of a tension fabric stand.

Setting Up Tension Fabric Banner Stands

Setting up a tension fabric banner stand is as simple as setting up tabletop retractable banners. Assemble the tubes of the aluminum hardware and slide the pillowcase-like material over it. Zip up the graphics tightly at the base of the fabric for a secure finish. Learn more in our fabric banner stand installation guide.

Sizes of Tension Fabric Stands

We offer 36"x90" and 48"x90" sized faces for the tension fabric stand product. To get the best possible visuals for a 36”x90” product, make sure that any text or images you have stay within the 31”x84” margin. Your colors and backgrounds can be printed on a 38”x91” scale. The same applies to the product measuring 48”x90”. The texts and images should stay within a margin of 43.5”x84” and the background and colors can span all the way to 50.5”x91”. Enjoy using our sign design tool and modifiable sign templates to create unique visuals.


Comparison of Tension Fabric Stands and Similar Products


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Tension Fabric Stands FAQ

Is tension fabric stretchable? Will it lose its elasticity over time?

A fabric banner stand fabric is made of a stretchable material that maintains elasticity for the duration of the product’s use. With proper care in an indoor setting, they have a 4+ year lifespan. 

Can a tension fabric stand be used with a different display?

The frame of this product is specifically designed for use with our tension fabrics. The graphic faces are interchangeable so you can order as many new ones as you like for the same stand.

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