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A Frame Sandwich Board

Sandwich Boards

Can't miss addition to any business venue - attract all your walk-in customers! Set up and store with breeze. Highly flexible to change content frequently!

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Sandwich Boards

Sandwich boards, also known as sidewalk signs, A-boards or A-frame signs, are a brilliant way to draw street traffic to your business. Sidewalk signs have two printable sides to optimize their visibility and effectiveness. Sandwich boards are usually made of lightweight yet durable plastic materials. This adds another point to their long list of advantages alongside portability. Getting an A-frame sign means you can display it whenever and wherever you desire.

Maximize your brand exposure with sandwich boards not only outdoors but indoors as well. Display sandwich boards in shopping malls, movie theaters, business centers, hallways and elsewhere to spread the word about your business.

Need more walk-ins? Use sandwich board signs for sidewalk advertising and you will immediately notice an increase in your business traffic. Personalized sandwich boards are perfect for sale promotions, street advertising, menus, real estate announcements, specials, daily offers and beyond. These signicades are also popular for notices at events and construction sites.

Just put these folding signs in front of your store, restaurant or in any place you’d like to deliver a message․ The best part is that you can carry it around or move it from property to property with ease. Simply fold it up and take it with you wherever you need to go. These durable and portable signs are a sound investment for any business.

Sandwich board signs can be used for various purposes depending on your requirements. Whether you want to promote your brand, give guidance or share information, sandwich boards will serve you well in any situation.

Create your custom sandwich board online using our free graphics and intuitive tool for sign design. You can choose your desired images from a range of templates that we offer. These can be tailored to your needs and requirements. Just click the “create your sign now” button and you will be immediately redirected to our powerful interface, where you can upload your own images or modify anything you can envision. With just a few clicks, your customized sandwich board will be on its way to your door. We ship sandwich board signs all across the USA and Canada with a next day turn-around.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Double-sided
  • Easy to set up
  • UV printing

Custom Sandwich Boards


Square Signs offers two types of sandwich boards: standard and quick-change. Both are available only in 24”x36”.

Standard Sandwich Board

Standard sandwich board signs can be either single or double-sided. Standard sandwich board frames are made of white plasticade. You can reuse the sandwich board frames by carefully peeling off the old graphics. Once removed, the vinyl adhesive is not suitable for further use. You can order and apply a new graphic decal to replace the old one.

Size: 24”x36”

Frame Type: Plasticade A-frame

Frame Color: White

Display Material: Opaque vinyl

Display Color: Custom text and graphics

Printing: Single or double-sided UV printing

Quick-Change Sandwich Board

If you are looking for a sandwich board that will serve you for different yet repeating promotions, then quick-change sidewalk signs are a perfect choice. Quick-change sandwich boards, also called premium A-frames, are made of either black or white plasticade. The graphics are printed onto a coroplast board which is easily inserted into the frame. You can order multiple inserts and reuse them indefinitely. Just store the old graphics in a safe place and switch them out with new ones as needed.

Size: 24”x36”

Frame Type: Plasticade A-frame

Frame Color: White or black

Display Material: Coroplast

Display Color: Custom text and graphics

Printing: Single or double-sided UV printing


We offer two types of sandwich boards: standard and quick-change.

The main frame of the sandwich boards is made of highly durable plasticade. Graphics can be printed on two types of surface materials depending on the style of the sandwich board you choose.

For standard sandwich boards, we offer opaque vinyl adhesives. The material is applied directly onto the board and can be easily peeled off when needed.

For quick-change sandwich boards, we offer prints on a coroplast insert which is a flexible yet highly durable material that can be easily switched out with new graphics when necessary. The old inserts can be stored for later reuse.

Opaque Vinyl

Opaque vinyl is a highly adhesive material that is attached to both sides of the standard sidewalk sign. The material can be easily peeled off and replaced when needed. All you have to do is order another graphic decal with opaque vinyl and attach it in place of the previous one. Just make sure to carefully remove the previous vinyl and neatly attach the new one without leaving air bubbles.

This option is only available for the standard sandwich boards.


This material is used for quick-change sandwich boards. Coroplast is a highly durable plastic material perfect for displaying vivid graphics. You can easily remove and replace the coroplast print of your premium sandwich board. Just order a new print and slide it into the frame insert in place of the previous graphics. Switch them up as needed. The material is perfect for displaying bright and striking visuals.


The areas of use for sandwich boards are extensive. These A-frame signs work wonders for every type of establishment. Below, we’ll share a few of their many impactful usage ideas.

Restaurant Sandwich Boards

Sandwich boards are often referred to as menu boards due to their popularity among restaurants, cafes and bars. Display your menu or special entree on a double-sided sandwich board to lure in customers. Menu boards displayed outside of restaurants or cafes are proven to attract more attention and increase foot traffic. Just open up the sandwich board in the morning and let it do its work. Then, fold it back up and move it indoors for the night.

Informative Sandwich Boards

Sandwich board signs work perfectly for providing information within various institutions. Be it a museum, business center or shopping mall, sandwich boards can be used to provide all the necessary information to visitors. Sandwich board signs don’t require much space but they can effectively transfer any message to a wide audience. So if you’re looking for informative boards, try sidewalk signs with your own custom design.

Wayfinding Sandwich Boards

Wayfinding A-frame signs are used as a means of showing direction both indoors and outdoors. Sandwich boards can be used to navigate patrons with arrows or serve as building directories. Double-sided sandwich board signs are perfect for guiding people from both sides of traffic. Directory sandwich boards displayed in the reception area will work perfectly to help visitors easily find their destination. Sandwich boards arrows can be used to point to a certain department in a supermarket and ease navigation through a store.

Promotional Sandwich Boards

One of the main purposes of sandwich board signs is for promotions. Being a lightweight and foldable means of advertising, pavement signs are perfect for stores that want to promote their special offers during the day and bring the board back in at night. You can often find sandwich boards in front of ice cream and hot dog trucks or at stadiums. What’s great about sandwich board signs is that you can order one promotional sandwich board and reuse it for every season.

Open/Close Sandwich Boards

Business owners often use sandwich boards to indicate whether they are open or closed. You can display “open” on one side of the board and “closed” on the other side and flip it around accordingly. The sign is large enough to attract attention even from afar. Open and closed sandwich boards can be used in all kinds of establishments, both indoors and outdoors.

Warning Sandwich Boards

The safety of employees and visitors is of top concern, especially in construction zones. Often, floor and pavement signs are used to display warning messages. In hallways and other indoor areas, sandwich boards are used to inform visitors to watch out for wet floors. Their portability makes it possible for anyone to move the warning boards around from one spot to another.

Humorous Sandwich Boards

Many restaurants, bars and stores use humor to attract customers. Sandwich boards are perfect for this cause. Display funny messages on sandwich board signs to entertain and spread the name of your business. Humorous sandwich boards can promote your business across social media. People love posting images of hilarious quotes and sharing them with friends. Visitors will snap pictures of your funny sandwich board sign and increase your brand awareness across different networking platforms. So, at first sight, it works as entertainment but it’s also a great tool for business promotion.

Operating Hours Sandwich Boards

Many business owners use sandwich boards to display their work days and operating hours. Being visible from both sides, sidewalk signs are sure to get the maximum number of views both indoors and outdoors. If you’re looking for the best way to display your company’s business hours, choose sandwich boards and you won’t regret it.

Business Sandwich Boards

Spread the word about your brand indoors and outdoors with customized sandwich boards. These are a must-have addition to any business. Display your company name, logo and services and get your message out to customers. Sandwich boards offer an effective platform for business branding with vivid graphics that are sure to attract passersby. Gain more exposure in the streets with high-quality plastic A-frame signs.

Social Distancing Sandwich Boards

As the world battles COVID-19, people are advised to stand 6 feet apart from each other. Sandwich boards are the perfect medium for reminding everyone to keep the required distance. They’ll work well in supermarkets, shopping malls, banks and other establishments. Double-sided sandwich boards increase the visibility of a message and reach more people. Besides social distancing reminders, sandwich board signs can be used to remind people to wear face coverings when entering certain establishments. These informative boards can be displayed in front of entrances, near cashiers’ desks and other visible areas. Their portability allows sandwich boards to be moved around any premise with ease.


For standard and quick-change sandwich boards, we offer full-color UV printing. The printed graphics will fully match the colors of your design. During the printing process, the inks are dried with ultraviolet rays that make the print sun-resistant. This process provides vivid colors for the images, resulting in a long lifespan for the print.

Custom Designs

Here at Square Signs, everything is customizable. With our easy-to-use design tool, you can create your graphics from scratch. The platform has all the necessary elements, backgrounds and accessories to allow you to create stunning images all by yourself. We even have a section dedicated to artwork created by our graphic designers. These can be personalized or used as inspiration for your own signs.

If you want to save time on design, just choose from our free sign suggestions and get them printed right away. If you want to make changes to the sample images, no problem - all our prints are modifiable. This means that you can change the colors, text and the elements on every design to customize it to your needs.

For those who already have a sign ready to go, the entire process is even faster. Just upload your graphics and get them printed on the sandwich board of your choice. If you still need assistance, our professional designers are ready to help you bring all your ideas to life.


You can protect your sandwich boards by choosing a lamination option for the graphics. Lamination is a thin layer that covers the surface of the prints and prevents them from scratching. The laminate overlay makes the material more durable and prolongs the lifespan of the sign. You can choose from the following three options for lamination: matte, glossy or dry erase.

Lamination Options


If you are going for a sheen look, the glossy lamination option is what you need. This type of lamination not only protects the surface of the print but also adds vibrancy to the colors.


For a more sophisticated look, matte lamination is the best option. Matte lamination eliminates the shiny surface of the material and provides a softer look to the print while protecting it from external damage.

Dry Erase

With this option, you can protect the surface of the material as well as turn it into a whiteboard-like surface to write on. With a temporary marker, you can write on your sign and erase it as often as you wish.

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$311.93 - $375.49

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Printing options

Standard, double-sided



Standard, double-sided



Are sandwich boards double-sided?

The sandwich board signs we offer are available as either single or double-sided. It’s up to you whether you want to display graphics on both sides or just one side of the board.

Where can I display a sandwich board?

Sandwich boards can be displayed on any flat surface, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Often, they are used for promotional or informative purposes. You can display your sandwich board in front of your store to attract customers, in hallways to show directions or in reception areas to provide useful information.

Are sandwich boards foldable?

Yes, sandwich board signs are foldable. They become flat when closed so you can take them wherever you need to or just store them for next time.

What color A frame signs do you offer?

Our quick-change sandwich board frames come in two colors: black and white. The other options are only available in white. All graphics can be UV printed in any color you like.

How much does a sandwich board cost?

The cost of a sandwich board varies depending on its type and size. We offer two types of sandwich boards for the largest size: standard and quick-change. The difference is the material on which the graphics are printed. With standard sandwich boards, the graphics are printed on adhesive opaque vinyl and then applied to the board. With quick-change sandwich board signs, the graphics are printed on coroplast that fits into the frame. The cost between the two types varies. Go to our graphic design tool, select your desired type of sign, and choose the size to check the price displayed at the top right corner.

Where can I find a design for pavement signs?

You can find designs ready to be printed right on our website. We have thousands of free samples that you can use on your A-frame signs. The artworks are fully customizable so you can change colors, texts and elements to tailor the design to your needs. Also, you can make your own design straight on our website. You can choose from a large variety of tools, backgrounds and elements to create your sandwich board from scratch.

Can I order a sandwich board online?

If you’re looking for a reliable place to buy sandwich boards online then you’re in the right place. You can order custom A-frame signs straight from our website with just a few clicks. All you have to do is pick the medium, customize it using our free tool for design and order the final product with shipping all across the USA and Canada.

Are A-frame signs portable?

Yes, A-frame sign stands are portable. An A-board sign is lightweight which allows for it to be easily transferred from one location to another. Custom sandwich boards are made of lightweight plastic materials that make the sign easy to transport. All you have to do is fold back the A-frame until it’s flat and take it with you wherever needed.

When will I receive my order?

Usually, all of our orders are shipped out by the next business day. As for the delivery of your order, it depends on the shipping company and destination you select. You will know the exact date and be able to track your package once you place the order and fill in all the required information.

How do I maintain plastic A-frame signs?

A-frame boards don’t require any specific maintenance. To keep your sidewalk sign board looking presentable, all you have to do is clean it from time to time with a damp cloth.

How can I use your designing platform?

Our graphic tool is user-friendly so everyone can create stunning visuals for their signs. Once you pick your product, you can choose the size and other options then use powerful features to customize the design. You can add a background and elements or select from our long list of premade graphics. A more detailed guide on how to use all the tools on our design platform is available here.

Are sandwich boards durable?

Yes, outdoor sidewalk signs are very durable. With proper care, sandwich boards can last you more than five years. No matter where you display your plasticade signs, they will retain their initial look for a long period of time.

What’s the difference between standard and quick-change A-frame signs?

The difference between the two types of A-frame advertising boards is the frame and material on which the graphics are printed. We use plasticade for the standard A-frame signs and opaque vinyl for the graphic prints. The vinyl decal is a highly adhesive material that’s applied to both sides of the sign surface and can be peeled off and replaced. As for quick-change sandwich boards, they are made of plasticade frames which have reusable coroplast inserts for graphics. The coroplast insert is easy to remove, store and switch out as needed. Both standard and quick-change sidewalk signs come in 24”x36”.

Are boards on A-frame signs interchangeable?

Yes, the graphics on quick-change and standard sandwich board signs are changeable. With the standard option, the graphics can be replaced by ordering decals of the same size but the old ones are not reusable once removed. With quick-change sidewalk signs, the graphics are interchangeable. When your seasonal offers expire, you can remove the old graphics and get new ones for your next promotion and continue reusing them as needed.

How many sandwich boards can I order?

You can order as many custom outdoor sandwich board signs as you want. There is no limit on the number of orders. Just select the desired quantity in our tool for design.

Do you offer sandwich board sign printing?

Yes, we offer A-frame sign printing with UV-resistant inks. Send us your design or create it online and get it printed on top-quality A-frame signs.

What are the sandwich board sizes?

Our sandwich boards come only in 24”x36”.

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