Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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Eligible for ground shipping within the contiguous US. Excludes products over 36” and freight shipping.


Refer a friend and get $50 when they make a purchase.

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PVC Signs

Install lightweight and high quality PVC signs indoors or outdoors. They’re great for decoration, branding and much more.
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PVC Signs

Are you looking for a light, versatile, affordable and high quality display? PVC signs meet all those criteria. Though similar in appearance, the product differs from foam board printing. It’s made entirely of plastic as opposed to a rigid foam sandwiched between two sheets of paper. These PVC board signs are convenient for various purposes. PVC signs can be used both indoors and outdoors for different occasions. A PVC poster is ideal for everything from personal decoration to business branding. PVC prints have several benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • Lightweight
  • Cost effective
  • Waterproof
  • Rigid but bendy
  • High durability
  • Smooth surface
  • Double-sided option
  • Direct UV printing

You can create and order custom PVC signs online with Square Signs. We’ll ensure that you get top quality products with premium printing on PVC boards.  We ship orders all over the US and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.

Buy More, Save More on PVC Signs

We offer special discount rates when you order two or more of the same product. The more items you order, the higher your discount rate will be. Discount rates for PVC signs start at 7% and go up to 41% when you order in bulk. You can find rates and prices for standard PVC signs measuring 12”x24” in the chart below.

Number of Pieces

Discount Rate

Price of Each

Total Price

2     pcs

7%  OFF

$26.75  $28.76

$53.50   $57.52

7     pcs

17% OFF

$23.87  $28.76

$167.09  $201.32

20   pcs

24% OFF

$21.86  $28.76

$437.20  $575.20

50   pcs

29% OFF

$20.42  $28.76

$1,021    $1,438

100 pcs

36% OFF

$18.41  $28.76

$1,841    $2,876

500 pcs

41% OFF

$16.97  $28.76

$8,485    $14,380

PVC Board Signs by Usage

A PVC sign is a multipurpose medium with a vast range of benefits. One of the top features of PVC board signs is the ability to display graphics on both sides of your PVC prints. PVC signs can be placed both indoors and outdoors for whatever purpose you require. You can make PVC board signs to show people directions, decorate, share information and beyond.

Directional PVC Prints

Arrow-shaped PVC signs displayed in a shopping mall

PVC board signs, just like aluminum signs and corrugated plastic signs, are waterproof and perfect for guiding people to their destinations. Use them for wayfinding to bathrooms, parking lots, stores, offices and beyond. PVC poster printing is also ideal for showing off maps, directories or floor plans for visitors. You can also use them to display addresses, property names, vacancies and so on.

Informative PVC Signs

Use PVC signs to disseminate any kind of information. The displays can be made in sizes ranging from 4”x4” to 48”x96”. You can make them as small and large as you need to get your message across. Take into consideration where you’ll be placing the PVC poster to decide on an appropriate size. A large PVC sign, for example, can be placed on the face of a school building so that students can see it when gathered outside. Smaller PVC signs may be used as decorative desk displays.

Decorative PVC Poster Signs

PVC sign of a cat with a yellow background placed in a living room

The good thing about PVC signs is that you can print anything you like on them and use the product for your home as well as your business. If you want to spruce up the kitchen, bedroom or even an office, just pick a design and we’ll take care of the PVC board printing for you. Leave everyone in awe with high resolution and fade-resistant images for decorative or promotional purposes.

Promotional PVC Prints

PVC signs have a smooth surface that takes on vibrant images. Many brands use them to promote and advertise their products and services. PVC prints are a very affordable medium for businesses that need to keep their advertising costs down. Installing PVC board signs with a product’s image and listing its features and benefits can drive sales and expand your audience with minimal expenditure.

Custom PVC Signs

In addition to the functions listed above, PVC signs can serve a multitude of other purposes. The material is very versatile with customization options. PVC prints can take on any graphic, text and shape you desire, come in a wide range of sizes and can be installed in several ways.

PVC Prints by Location

PVC prints can achieve various goals based on common locations of usage. PVC signs are suitable both indoors and outdoors. They can last around 10 years when placed inside and more than three years outside. Custom PVC signs are fully waterproof and the material’s even used for piping. Let’s see where these products are often found.

Restaurant PVC Prints

PVC menu board set on a restaurant table

Restaurants use PVC signs for several reasons. Many restaurants display their menus outdoors on PVC board signs in order to attract tourists and passersby. Some restaurants also hand out individual menus on plastic sheets. The material protects the menu from tearing and spillage, reducing waste and preserving its prime appearance.

Real Estate PVC Signs

Many construction companies use PVC signs to display images of architecture in progress or projects they’ve built over the years. Companies also use acrylic photo prints to showcase HD graphics of the spaces they’ve designed. Even more commonly, realtors place PVC board signs in the yard of the property they’re working with to attract renters and buyers. They even hang PVC poster printing on the home or building facades to make their offers more visible.

Office PVC Board Signs

Corporate offices use PVC signs to adorn their headquarters with high-res graphics. Just like metal photo prints, they can really spruce up a space. Whether they apply these products for decorative or branding purposes, PVC poster signs accomplish the objective with style. Custom PVC signs are lightweight products that have a high quality and are easy to mount. Use them to display motivational texts and images to boost morale and productivity.

Trade Show PVC Prints

Companies look to attract as much attention as possible during trade shows. They bring their A-game to maximize the exposure of their brand and reach the right audience. In this type of environment, quantity matters as much as quality. Take advantage of the inexpensive quality of PVC signs. Place as many as you can in different locations to increase visibility and catch the eye of people passing by.

PVC Board Printing Options

We use a direct printing method for our PVC signs. This means that we apply inks directly onto the material as opposed to applying a layer of vinyl or paper over it for the design. This method reduces the chance of the face of your product getting torn or peeling off. We also apply our inks with a UV-curing system. This process dries the inks with ultraviolet light, making the PVC board printing fade-resistant and longer-lasting.

You can order single-sided or double-sided PVC board printing. The single-sided option is better if you want to attach your PVC prints to a wall or if you intend to have it facing just one way. As for the double-sided option, it’s ideal for displays that will be suspended from the ceiling or hanging in any other way that would leave both sides visible. The second option will double your visibility. We will automatically print the same design on the front and back sides of the PVC prints if you opt for this option. However, you can contact our specialists if you want to have different graphics displayed on each side.

We also offer custom PVC printing services, which means you can get PVC sign printing in any style, shape or design you can imagine. Head over to our user-friendly design tool and create your PVC prints with just a few clicks. You can upload ready-made designs to our tool and adjust them if need be. You may also modify our collection of original templates which are free for you to use. Add texts, elements and backgrounds to make the graphics match your vision. Once you’re done with the design, select options such as the number of drilled holes and installation accessories. Choose all the add-ons you need and order your PVC signs online in a matter of minutes.

Cutting Options for PVC Signs

We use a CNC router to cut our PVC signs. This state-of-the-art machine cuts the material with pinpoint accuracy to reduce material waste and ensure that the product has perfect edges. For thinner, custom cut PVC signs, we offer laser cutting to yield any design with precision. Rather than cutting the PVC board signs with a spindle like the CNC router, this machine burns through the material, giving it smoother edges. We offer four different cutting options for our PVC prints.

  • Square / Rectangle Cut

This cutting option will give your PVC sign printing a standard square or rectangular shape with pointed 90-degree corners.

  • Rounded Cut

If you choose this option, your PVC board printing will be similar to a standard square or rectangular cut, but the corners will be rounded and smooth.

  • Outline Cut

This option will give you custom cut PVC signs in the exact outline shape of your design without any borders around it.

  • Overline Cut

This option will also give you custom cut PVC signs, but with a thin black or white border running around your design.

Material Specifications for PVC Signs

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a durable, waterproof and high-quality plastic material used for various purposes in different industries. Our PVC signs come in either black or white but you can choose any color backgrounds, texts or graphics for your PVC board printing. Whether you opt for a white PVC sign or a black PVC sign, they’re both perfect for decorative, branding, informational and wayfinding purposes among others. Note that while these products are more bendable than acrylic signs, you shouldn’t force them to fold or they will break.

Mounting Options for PVC Signs

There are several ways for you to mount your custom PVC prints both indoors and outdoors. We offer a range of installation options and accessories to facilitate the process for you. You can head over to our PVC signs installation page to find detailed instructions on how to install your product.

  • Standoffs

Standoffs are silver or gold bolts that allow you to hang your PVC prints from a wall through holes drilled in the material. 

*Select the number of drilled holes and standoffs before placing your order to make installing your product easier. 

  • Easel backs

This mounting method is suitable for showcasing smaller sizes. You can place the display on a table, countertop or any other flat surface by putting it on an easel back.

  • Command strips

Command strips get attached to the back of your PVC signs and get hidden from sight. This will give your product a smooth and sleek appearance.

  • Suction cup and hooks

Mount your display onto smooth surfaces such as glass by using a suction cup and hooks. Select the number of drilled holes needed to easily run the hooks through them.


Comparison of PVC Signs and Similar Products

We offer a number of products similar to PVC signs but made of different materials, each with their own benefits. We’ll compare some of these products in the table below. Keep in mind that the prices displayed are for standard options without any extra features.


PVC Signs

Dibond Signs

Gator Board Signs

Paper Poster Printing

Wooden Signs

Size Range

4”x4” - 48”x96”

4”x4” - 48”x96”

4”x4” - 48”x96”

4”x4” - 58”x1,740”

6”x6” - 48”x96”

Price Range

$17.26 - $211.36

$16.02 - $305.81

$17.21 - $578.35

$5.29 - $1,892.25

$77.78 - $377.6


0.125”, 0.25”, 0.5”


0.188”, 0.5”, 1”



Printing Sides










Lifespan (indoors/outdoors)

10+ / 3+

10+ / 5+

25+ / N/A

3+ / N/A

7+ / 1+



What are PVC prints?

PVC prints are a display medium made of polyvinyl chloride. Rigid PVC signs are durable products used for decorative, promotional and informational purposes among others.

What designs can I display on PVC signs?

There is virtually no limit to PVC sign printing. You can use our platform to design and order custom PVC signs online. Our PVC signs come coated in black and white but you can cover them in any color during the PVC board printing process. Use our intuitive design tool to create a custom display or upload ready made images for your display. We’ll ship it to you anywhere in the US and Canada. Check our terms and policies page to see if this product qualifies for special offers or shipping discounts.

How do I care for my PVC board signs?

Taking care of PVC prints is easy. Use a soft cloth to wash them with soap and water when needed. You can also wipe the dust off them regularly to reduce the need for washing. This will extend the life of your PVC sign printing. Don’t place the product under direct sunlight for extended periods of time to avoid the material expanding and damaging your graphics.

How to store PVC signs?

Place your PVC signs in a clean box and store them in a cool and dry place. Make sure they’re flat and have nothing placed on the top of them. Please remember not to store your products upright. Plastic may warp with time when stored this way.

Where can I install my PVC prints?

You can install your custom PVC signs in various locations thanks to the different installation options and accessories we provide. Hang them from the ceiling or attach them to walls or windows; you can even fix them on wire fences if you like. PVC board signs look appealing wherever you decide to place them.