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Frosted Window Decal Prints

Frosted Window Decals

Classy and professional-looking frosted decals are designed to be transparent enough to allow sunlight in yet also opaque enough to ensure your privacy

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Frosted Window Decals

Frosted Window Decals give you the best of both worlds when it comes to privacy and brand promotion. The decals are made of premium-quality frosted vinyl with a matte finish. The translucent material blurs everything behind it while still allowing light to pass through. It has a luxurious appearance with an etched or sandblasted glass effect. It mimics the look of etched glass without compromising on quality.

Choose frosted decals to achieve a classy, professional look for your windows and glass doors. Retail stores and corporate institutions utilize frosted window decals to enhance privacy and limit curious glances from passersby while allowing sunlight to pass through.

Transform your home or office and add a touch of style and functionality with these elegant vinyl decals. Easily decorate your windows and doors with etched decals. These present an ideal solution to add some private space in bedrooms, bathrooms or front windows.

Frosted window decals are a high demand for office spaces that have glass walls where privacy is much needed. There are various options for window frosting. You can fully cover the windows or glass walls from top to bottom to enjoy maximum privacy. Another option is to get frosted decals that cover the windows to average human height and leave the top part clear. Also, you can get frosted decals to cover only the middle area of the windows or glass walls. This way you’ll have privacy without concealing everything. 

Frosted decals cause no damage to the application surface. They’re a long-lasting and easily removable material. Frosted vinyl decals are a modern advertising trend and a great alternative to curtains. They require little care apart from wiping with water every now and then. Get custom frosted window decals for office branding or home decorations. Choose from our wide selection of free templates, upload your logo or artwork and get truly unique designs with just a few clicks.


  • Provides privacy for the home and office
  • Doesn’t become transparent when wet
  • Obscures visibility without limiting light
  • Looks like expensive sandblasted glass 
  • Affordable and easy to install or replace
  • Can depict vibrant UV-cured graphics
  • Can be cut to any custom size and shape
  • Does not damage the original surface
  • Indoor use to section off spaces or decorate


The material is durable frosted vinyl which has a matte finish. The vinyl comes in rolls so you’re welcome to order frosted window decals in custom sizes. The material blurs sight and is semi-translucent but it lets light pass through.


You can get anything printed on frosted decals. Choose one of our free templates or send us your custom design. All our signs are sun and fade-resistant thanks to the UV curing system that’s a part of our printing process. The inks are dried with ultraviolet rays which makes the colors on frosted vinyl sun resistant.  


For soft and self-adhesive materials like frosted window decals, we provide contour cutting services with digital plotters. It is one of the most effective and customizable options to get any required shape and size. Digital cutting ensures perfectly cut edges for various materials. Its specialized knife tips and tools make the digital cutting an ideal option for decals. Die-cutting and kiss-cutting are the techniques we use to provide intricate shapes for the product.


Cutting Options

Square or Rectangle Cut - With this option, your frosted decals will be cut into standard square or rectangle shapes.

Rounded Cut - The square and rectangle-shaped decals will have rounded edges instead of the standard pointy ones.

Overline Cut - The decals will be cut in the shape of the design and have a frosted border line around them.

Outline Cut - Your decals to be cut in the exact shape of your design without an extra frosted border around them.

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