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Fabric Banners

Fabric Banners

Eye-grabbing banners for birthday celebrations, interior decorations and event announcements

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Fabric Banners

A fabric banner is a lightweight type of banner used for branding, decoration, announcements and promotion. It provides an excellent way to attract attention. Square Signs has the resources and experience to create high-quality custom fabric banners.

Display your banner on your storefront windows, in lobbies, hanging over the street or anywhere else you desire to increase your business traffic.

You can use these banners for various occasions as they’re applicable for both outdoor and indoor use. Fabric banners can be used to spread your message as well as to decorate various venues and events. Use fabric banners to decorate your birthday party with photo backdrops or leave a professional impression at product launches, tradeshows and for many other events.

One of the advantages of using these banners is that they’re not reflective. Many other types of banners can reflect the light of the camera flash and ruin the picture.  Fabric banners will not give cause for such concern. The fabric of these banners absorbs the light so you can easily use them in photoshoots.

Another important benefit of fabric banners is that they aren’t easily torn so you can display them virtually anywhere.

Due to the UV curing process used during printing, the banners produce sharp image colors and quality that are sun and fade resistant. Your prints will last for years to come.

The installation of these lightweight banners does not require much effort. For hanging a fabric banner, we offer the following accessories that can be used with grommets: hanging clips, nylon ropes, bungee cords, suction cup & hooks and zip ties.

Benefits of Fabric Banners


  • Durable
  • Tear resistant
  • Glare-free
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • UV protected


The banner material is a soft textured fabric which is a mixture of nylon and polyester. The natural color of the material is white and comes in rolls. This allows for the easy modification of your fabric banners into custom sizes and colors. The fabric material is wrinkle-resistant and durable enough to resist most weather conditions.


We use UV curing digital printers for fabric banner text and graphics. During the printing process, banners pass through a UV curing procedure which makes the inks sun and fade resistant. Thus, your banners will keep their primary colors for a long time. You can order fabric banners with your own design or by choosing one of our many free templates.

Fabric Banners Buying Options

Buying Options

Grommets - for easy installation, you can order fabric banners with grommets. These are metallic rings attached to the banner. You can use them with various accessories to install the banner. Just choose the quantity and placement of the grommets before placing the order.

Pole Pockets - You may select to add pole pockets to the banners. These can be used to install the banners on poles or with ropes.

Hems - You can choose to order fabric banners with hemmed edges to provide extra durability to the material. This is the process of folding the edges of the banner and sewing them, a technique which prevents the fabric from fraying.

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