Composite Aluminum Signs

Composite Aluminum Signs

Minimalistic, tough and solid look for your corporate branding - has incredibly smooth surface- lighter than standard aluminum sheet

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Composite Dibond Signs are ideal for exterior and interior applications. Follow these quick steps to install your custom Aluminum Dibond Sign.

Composite Aluminum installation with Command Strips

Installation with Command Strips is the best option when holes cannot be drilled into the mounting surface. Before the actual installation, cleaning and preparing the application surface is important.

Step 1: Position the sign and level it.

Step 2: Stick the strips on all 4 corners of the back-side of the sign.

Step 3: Peel off the second layer of the protective backing and stick it to the surface where you are happy about.

Composite Aluminum installation with Suction Cup & Hook

Step 1: Use tape installation technique to level the sign onto the window surface.

Step 2: Position the Suction cup or cups onto the clean and dry area and burp it

Step 3: After you push the air out of the cup, hang the sign from the hook

Composite Aluminum installation with zip ties

Step 1: Make sure the surface is level and the application surface is flat and straight.

Step 2: Lock the zip tie backwards to its clip.

Step 3: Pull it to make is smaller and finally fix it its in place leaving no extra room.

Composite Aluminum installation with Standoffs

Step 1: Level to make sure the application surface is flat.

Step 2: Drill through the wall and insert the wall plugs.

Step 3: Screw the standoff body onto the wall plug.

Step 4: Finally, fix the sign in place with the standoff head.

Composite Aluminum installation with hanging clips

Step 1: Connect the application surface to the clips.

Step 2: Hang the sign from the other edge of the hanging clips.

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