Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Signs

Durable, weather-resistant - perfect for offices, shops, reception areas and building exteriors

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Aluminum signs are highly durable and ideal for both interior and exterior purposes. These signs are corrosion-resistant, UV-safe and most commonly used as directional, safety, warning or parking signs.

Here at Square Signs, you can create your custom aluminum signs to accurately reflect your unique needs and requirements. We offer same-day turnover and next day shipping across the USA and Canada when you order our aluminum signs online.

When you want to use a ready design or create custom graphics with our free design tool, you’ll be able to select the thickness, size, type and color of your sign. With an extensive collection of free templates available for use, you can create your illustrations exactly as you’ve always envisioned them on aluminum.

The installation of aluminum signs depends on the desired size and placement of the sign. The custom aluminum sign can be wall-mounted with command strips or hung on suction cups and hooks. Another elegant way to install your aluminum sign is with the help of standoffs. You can also order easel backs of various sizes to display your personalized aluminum sign on all types of flat surfaces.

Available in standard, brushed and reflective finishes, these metal signs are a worthwhile option to consider for many industries like retail, real estate, dining and entertainment. Graphics on aluminum signs have a perfectly smooth finish and are of premium quality.

Give your corporate identity a dramatic, high-end industrial look with our custom-made aluminum signs!


Aluminum Notice Signs

Aluminum notice signs are commonly used to notify passersby and potential customers of important rules, warnings and sales.

Regardless of the setting, these aluminum signs retain their quality and remain unaffected by weather conditions.

Aluminum is a light, durable material that comes with a semi-matte finish which gives your sign a refined and unique look.

Custom aluminum signs are a better alternative to standard plastic signs due to their high quality and durability as well as professional and luxurious appearance. Aluminum notice signs can be used in places such as offices, schools and retail stores.

If you’ve been considering the idea of adding these aluminum signs to your office wall to showcase your brand in style, look no further.

Informative Aluminum Signs

Informative aluminum signs can be utilized for a variety of purposes and are a crucial component of every business. These informative metal signs are used in malls, commercial stores, schools, universities, clinics, stadiums, commute stations and corporate buildings across the USA and Canada.

There are two easy steps to creating your custom aluminum signs: choosing the size that works best for your space and selecting the design you want them to portray.

To give your sign a more branded and refined look, you can add your company name and logo along with the store hours, directions and other information.

With our huge collection of free templates, you can create your custom aluminum sign online within minutes.

Aluminum Business Signs

Your corporate signage represents a great deal of your corporate identity.

We are experts at creating aluminum business signs in several styles, sizes and finishes.

Aluminum office signs make a statement and exude professionalism. Use aluminum signs in office lobbies and reception areas to make an excellent first impression on your guests.

These business aluminum signs will help you get maximum brand exposure with exceptionally clear illustrations.

Since graphics can be depicted on both sides, aluminum signs are often used in interior settings. They may be utilized as hanging ceiling signs, for example, where they will last for decades.

Rest assured that aluminum signs will grab the attention of your audience and communicate your corporate message. They’re a great way to make a statement and improve brand recognition.


Aluminum Parking Signs

Aluminum signs, used for various permanent projects, are the longest-lasting type of parking signage.

Even when the elements take their eventual toll on outdoor aluminum signs, they still last longer than most other materials under similar conditions.

Among our free templates, you can easily customize “no parking,” “reserved” parking and novelty parking signs. 

These outdoor metal signs are also used to mark property to help keep away unauthorized personnel, direct the flow of traffic in the parking lot or attract potential customers to your building.

Upon request, we can also laminate the plaques with a gloss or matte finish for added protection and longevity.

These types of signs are also perfect for shape cutting and can be easily mounted on a pole, wall or fence.


Aluminum Yard Signs

Personalized aluminum garden signs are a modern solution for elevating your garden’s look. These are used in a plethora of ways. From celebratory decorations to warning notices and informative signs, they come in handy for whatever you can think of.

These signs are UV stable and don’t rust or decompose!

Aluminum yard signs are now a hot commodity for individuals who value a chic and elegant aesthetic.

Custom Aluminum Signs

Custom metal signs add a touch of class and individuality to the lobby, reception area, store or workplace. The custom aluminum signs are made of premium quality aluminum and come with photographic quality logos for a striking appearance. The custom cut and designed aluminum sign can be wall-mounted with standoffs and similar fasteners.

If you can’t find the right template to match your needs, we’ve got your custom aluminum sign needs covered! Whether you are looking for personalized aluminum signs to promote a new listing or to add to your interior decor, take advantage of our online design tool. If that’s not enough, our professional designers are ready to take up your project no matter the requirements.


Aluminum Wall Art

Take your office or home interior to a new level with aluminum wall art. These metal wall art displays fulfill a wide range of decorating needs and satisfy even the most peculiar of tastes.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, you can display these graphics on aluminum anywhere such as the front door, entryway, hallway, meeting rooms and the kitchen. Have it hanging in your office and this wall art will brighten up the room with its contemporary and original look. It’s also a good idea to create metal photo prints you can hang on your living room wall, since they’re guaranteed to capture the attention of anyone who walks in.

The colors of the artwork will not rust or fade, preserving their vividness and beauty for years to come.

With gloss lamination, we can ensure that colors are extra vibrant with a light reflection. With matte, the sign will appear more crisp without any light being reflected.

Hung from a hook or fixed onto a wall with standoffs, these aluminum wall art displays make an exceptional addition to contemporary decor.


  • Highly durable
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • Long lifespan
  • Single and double-sided
  • Corrosion-resistant


Aluminum is one of the most durable materials used in the sign-making industry. The material is resistant to all weather conditions and corrosion. Aluminum is perfect for both single and double-sided signs. The borders of aluminum signs can be cut standard, overline, outline or rounded.

Our aluminum signs come with a white background so all the negative space surrounding the graphics makes them pop for a high-contrast look. If you don’t want a solid white color, you can get custom aluminum signs with various background colors.


Order aluminum signs with your desired graphics on one or both sides of the material. The process goes like this: our CMYK-based digital printers apply UV inks onto the material. The machine dries the inks with a UV curing system as the graphics are being applied. This makes the inks fade and sun-resistant so that your sign will retain its vivid colors for a long time.

Printing options

  • Single-sided

If you want a custom aluminum sign display created with premium materials and inks, we offer a single-sided option at a great value.

  • Double-sided

You can get aluminum signs with graphics on both sides. This provides more visibility and space to express your message.


We offer ultra-precise cutting services for your aluminum sign with CNC routers. CNC cutting eliminates waste and reduces errors. These machines provide multi-point cutting tools to produce custom-designed products. The spindle of the CNC router operates at a considerable speed and is perfect for machining a wide range of materials including metal, plastic, glass and wood.

Cutting options

  • Square/Rectangle

If you choose this cutting option, the edges of your aluminum signs will be cut in 90 degree angles, giving them a sharp square or rectangular look.

  • Rounded

With a rounded option, your aluminum sign will be cut into the standard square or rectangle shape but with rounded corners.

  • Outline

If you want your sign to be cut into the exact shape of your design then you can choose the outline cutting option.

  • Overline

With the overline option, your aluminum sign will be cut in the shape of your design with an extra border surrounding it.


We offer lamination services for custom aluminum signs upon request. This is done to make the sign even more durable. Lamination adds an extra coating to protect the sign from scratches and abrasion. We offer three types of lamination. 

Lamination options

  • Glossy

This lamination finish not only protects your sign from scratches but also adds a brilliant finish to the sign.

  • Matte

If a glare-free finish is what you need, go with our matte lamination. This option gives the graphics a higher-contrast look.

  • Dry Erase

Often requested by dining industry representatives and corporate businesses, this option turns the surface of the material into a dry erase surface. You can write on it with temporary markers and wipe it off as often as you wish.


Comparison Chart for Similar Signs


Aluminum Signs

Composite Aluminum (Dibond) Signs

Brushed Aluminum Signs

Reflective Aluminum Signs

Min. size

4" x 4"

4" x 4"

4" x 4"

4" x 4"

Max. size

48” x 96”

96" x 48”

48" x 96"

48” x 96”






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What is an aluminum sign?

It’s a widely used outdoor and indoor type of commercial sign that’s been available on the market since the 20th century. The aluminum sign is a highly popular medium in the signage industry. It has inherent features no other material can compete with: rigid but flexible, easily shaped and formed, recyclable and non-toxic, thin yet durable. Under standard conditions, it’s also resistant to corrosion.

Where to use aluminum signs?

Aluminum is a versatile material. These custom aluminum signs are most commonly used as traffic, parking, danger, caution and warning signs among others. Aluminum signs can also be used in schools, hospitals, retail stores, patient care centers and banks.

Aluminum signs meet industrial standards and have many uses in offices, around homes and on roads. 

What’s the difference between standard, brushed and reflective aluminum?

Standard aluminum comes with a white coating, enabling us to create any visual graphics on your sign. This makes the sign pop.

Brushed aluminum is made by polishing silver tinted aluminum to give it a unidirectional incision pattern. This brushed effect is ideal for lobby and office signage.

Reflective aluminum is standard aluminum with reflective vinyl graphics attached to it. It’s typically used outdoors for traffic and street signage.

All three types of aluminum are double-sided, which means we can display graphics on one or both sides of the signs if needed.

Does aluminum rust outdoors?

No. Aluminum behaves differently from steel or iron. The latter two rust over time as they react with oxygen or moisture. The more they expand due to humidity, the more red or orange flakes chip away, causing more exposure and faster oxidation.

Aluminum, on the other hand, has a barrier which protects the material from corrosion. This clear coating ensures a perfect look for many years. 

What is the expected lifespan of an aluminum sign?

With proper care and installation, an aluminum sign should last at least 10 years.

What finishes are available for aluminum signs?

Glossy finish tends to give the sign a more brilliant appearance. It provides a unique color glow to the graphics. Matte finish offers a more crisp and high-contrast look. It lifts any picture from ordinary to extraordinary.

To deliver a museum-quality finish with every aluminum sign, we use state-of-the-art machines, quality inks and premium quality aluminum.

How do you hang aluminum signs?

One of the easiest ways to enhance the beauty of your home or corporate workspace is to hang aluminum signs. 

The technique used to hang aluminum signs is crucial for both design and aesthetic purposes. Aluminum signs come ready to hang with an installation diagram based on your selected sizes and fasteners.

Tip 1: As aluminum signs tend to be heavier than their plastic or wooden counterparts, you’ll want to mount them in a safe location.

Tip 2: Ensure your aluminum signs are hung at eye level. 

Tip 3: When using our design tool, choose designs that complement your interior style. 

Tip 4: Select graphics with the highest resolution to ensure a quality sign. 

Tip 5: Go frameless.

For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to hang your aluminum sign, check the instructions in the installation section.

How can I make aluminum signs with Square Signs?

Go to our design tool, select the aluminum sign type you want and choose a template to customize. For more detailed information, check out this design tool guide on how to use our user-friendly interface to create the custom sign of your dreams!

Why choose custom aluminum signs? 

Aluminum is the most popular material when it comes to permanent signage.

Aluminum signs offer classic style and supreme longevity at an affordable rate. Due to its durability, aluminum is the preferred choice for a professional and industrial look. Custom aluminum signs come with an endless variety of shapes, sizes, designs and installation options. These signs are also flexible. Though more rigid than plastics, aluminum signs can be bent if needed. They have an appearance which perfectly suits modern and industrial settings.

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