How to Install and Maintain Car Graphics

clear car decal

If you have not as yet considered car graphics for the purposes of growing your business, then you are missing out on an excellent opportunity for inexpensive marketing and advertising. Car graphics can be a compelling resource to help build your brand and increase your business profits. Aside from car graphics being so affordable they

Large Format Printing: What can be printed?


When you hear about Large Format Printing you probably visualize various products with a large display. The best advantage of the Large format sign is its large display which enables you to go more bright, eye-catching and at the same time more visible and informative. These are most probably different banners, decals, signs etc. You

The difference between Standard, Brushed and Reflective Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are quite popular in the market and come with a variety of types and specifications. Our company offers custom signs made of various metallic materials among which  is aluminum, one of the most popular ones. Metallic signs made of this material are long lasting, weather resistant and have a solid professional look. Along with

Banners You Can Use at Trade Shows

One of the best opportunities you’ll even have for networking and meeting competitors, clients and customers are at a trade show. Of course, the big concern with a trade show is getting yourself to stand out in what is often a crowd of thousands of other people and businesses. Obviously, the answer is some high-quality

Foamboard, Gatorboard, and Falconboard: General Comparison


What are Foamboard, Gatorboard, and Falconboard? You’ve probably seen a number of our signs that seem to be named after animals. What’s that about? What are these different “boards” you keep seeing? Foamboard, Gatorboard and Falconboard are all inexpensive, lightweight signage options that are similar in a lot of ways, yet distinctly different in construction.

Emergency Signage: Staying Up To Code and Staying Safe

One of the most important applications for signage is emergency management. When disaster strikes in your building, there often isn’t enough time to tell everyone what to do individually. So the question is, do people in your facility know exactly where to go during an emergency? An employee who works only in one area of

The A-Frame: What Can You Do With It?

The A-Frame sign, also known as the sandwich board sign or Sidewalk Sign is one of the most versatile and recognizable forms of signage there is and can be set up practically anywhere. Indoor, outdoor. Pavement or dirt. Personal or business. The A-frame can be used in any circumstance to advertise any sort of event. For added

Where and How to use a Fabric Banner

Where and How to use a Fabric Banner There’s just something special about a sign that billows in the wind. Aluminum and acrylic signs are great, and they have their place, but fabric banners are special in their versatility. Our fabric banners are printed on polyester fabric which is washable and wrinkle free. Fabric banners

Temporary Signage Ideas for Restaurants

Temporary Signage Ideas for Restaurants So here’s the scenario. You’re running a restaurant, and you need some way to let people know about your special, limited-time summer menu. You’re only going to have the special menu items for a couple months, so it doesn’t make sense to completely re-do your whole menu since it’s just going

Why Signage is Important in Industrial Facilities

According to the International Labour Organization, there are about 10 work-related accidents a second across the world. Every 15 seconds, one of those accidents is fatal. On average, 6,300 people die every single day due to work-related accidents or diseases. That’s 2.3 million people every year. Many of those deaths are from electrocution, falling, being

Everything about Canvas Prints: Construction, Hanging options, Care

Canvas prints are one of the most popular and elegant ways to immortalize your fondest memories. These are an artistic touch for any home or office, and like all of our signs can be fully customized to your needs. Canvas prints are a staple in home decor, and they can liven up any room. Because you

Benefits of Signs: acrylic, PVC and yard signs

Square Signs offers signs for all sorts of purposes. But how much do you know about the acrylic material and what it’s good for? What is the best use for an acrylic sign? What about a PVC sign? Or a yard sign? We’re going to answer those questions and more, so if you have any